True stories: Mother of twins proves how food allergies can cause mental illness type symptoms

Posted by Mellisa on January 16, 2013 in Mental Health, Nutrient Therapy, Nutrition |

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This is a true story of a mother of twins. One twin acted quite normally, the other was often out of control and unreachable. She was determined to find an answer to this life altering situation. What she found was nothing more than a food allergy to gluten.


This mom began noticing behavioral changes in her daughter at just 8 months of age. By the time she was  a toddler, her behavior would become so extreme, there was nothing that would comfort or alter her state. Her out of control behavior would last for hours at times.

She finally conceded that perhaps her daughter needed help, so she visited her family Dr. Unfortunately the Dr. wasn’t much help and referred her to a behavioral therapist. Well, their answer was less than helpful as well when they said, “Well you know, toddlers do have tantrums. Try distracting her with a toy or just put her in front of a the T.V. for a while”

Seriously? Wow. Anyway, this mom just happened to read an article about gluten sensitivity and how it messes with the head. The article was written by Kelly Dorfmann, who is a nutritionist and author, so she does have some credibility but she just wasn’t quite sold on the idea even though Kelly said patients had come to her with a diagnosis of depression, anxiety and even bipolar. And come to find out, all they had was a gluten sensivity.

She did however speak to her Dr about it and they were very much in agreement with trying this new approach.  The idea was to go gluten free for a month, go back for a month then go gluten free again from another month to evaluate all of the symptoms and progress.

Here is what she had to say:

Going gluten free was my daughter’s miracle cure. After six weeks on the gluten-free diet, her awful screaming and flailing episodes, the ones that would last for hours and come out of nowhere, were gone. Vanished. A thing of the past. It was like she was a completely new, and different, person. Now, if my daughter got upset, there was an obvious reason, and she could be reasoned with. Her distress never lasted more than a few minutes.

My daughter started looking me in the eyes again. She easily relaxed into a snuggle. But the best thing about it was finding out that underneath her old symptoms was this ebullient, curious, affectionate little girl who is so thoroughly level-headed you would be hard pressed to connect her to her former self. Mary Jean’s transformation was like the fabled one between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. How had something as simple as a grain protein been the cause of behaviors that were so extreme?

“We know people have behavioral and neurological symptoms with celiac disease,” said Kelly Dorfman, the nutritionist whose book got me interested in considering gluten intolerance in the first place.  Her book will be re-released in April under a new title, Cure Your Child With Food, and Dorfman said it’s got a new chapter with more on “bizarre gluten stuff.”

Since her book has come out, Dorfman said, the medical community has started to recognize a condition called non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

This seems to be a wonderful ending to a very upsetting story. The only thing that I would add is that food allergies and sensitivities can often be alleviated by adding in Digestive Enzymes.  If our bodies do not naturally produce enough of them, then the effects can be readily seen in gastric upset as well as mood and behavior problems. Digestive Enzymes help break down the food into more readily digestible forms that the body will easily recognize and not reject as invaders.

Do you know someone that why need to take a look at nutrition as a solution to “mental illness” symptoms? Perhaps even yourself. Although, some people have a severe reaction to food, as we know know, more often than not, mere nutritional deficiencies can cause symptoms of mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, add and more.

I encourage you to try the most potent as well as the  most researched and scientifically proven micronutrient product available today and that is none other than Q96 Mood Optimizer. Q96 is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proprietary herbs – all elements specially for brain health and wellness.


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