Industry insiders expose how Psychiatry has Invented 100’s of Mental Illnesses

Posted by Mellisa on January 4, 2013 in Mental Health |
DSM manual

The Psychiatry Bible?

Woo hoo, the newest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM for short is due out this year.

Fifty years ago there were only a handful of diagnosed psychiatric conditions. Now there are almost 400! I had NO idea! I bet you didn’t know either. What’s even more shocking to hear is just how these “disorders” are determined and decided upon.

Unlike medical conditions/diseases which are discovered and proven as medical conditions (through biopsy, test, physical abnormality) psychiatric disorders are literally voted into existence by a show of hands.

Sadly, the DSM is frequently referred to as psychiatry’s “billing bible.” This is because they can use any disorder added to the DSM to label you “mentally ill” and then bill you  or your insurance company for it.

Perhaps even more disturbing is that the psychiatrists voting on the new disorders are frequently being paid by the pharmaceutical companies which manufacture the drugs for these disorders. Enough said. JUST WATCH!

The world needs to know that there is an answer to the quandry that the Psychiatry profession has created.  And that is there is usually an underlying medical condition that can change one’s mood and behavior patterns. Research clearly shows most of these medical conditions typically stem from a nutritional deficiency. Correct those medical conditions and you will discover who you (or they) really are. From there the sky is the limit.

Please take some time to share this information with someone you know who has been labeled “mentally ill”.  Help stop the madness. And please tell them hope is on the way!

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