Q – News: Harvard University Psychiatrist testifies on behalf of micronutrient makers. This is unheard of.

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We all know it’s a big No-No to claim that any food or “nutritional supplement” can cure OR prevent any disease. But it seems some governments even take issue with saying a product “is useful for the treatment of…….”. Such is the case of a Canadian company vs Health Canada.

By the way, Health Canada, is the equivalent of the US FDA.  Apparently, they took issue with a company that formulated a micronutrient supplement that appeared to help with symptoms of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and bipolar for tens of thousands of people over a NUMBER of years.  Because of this they (Health Canada) then demanded the company obtain a Drug Identification Number or cease and desist, even though the product is not a drug, but rather a vitamin/mineral/amino acid blend – an all natural supplement. Knowing that obtaining a DIN would be impossible, and knowing they couldn’t fathom the harm that may come by leaving their tens of thousands of clients out in the cold,  they continued making and providing and selling said supplement. Needless to say, this didn’t make the Canadian government very happy.

Even though over the course of the many years,  the company also obtained sufficient scientific research, including clinical trials and Dr based case studies backing their claims. Health Canada insisted they go down. During their final court room battle, several expert witnesses were called to express their professional opinion as well as their professional experience with this particular supplement.

One of the experts happened to be Dr. Charles Popper.  Dr. Popper has peer reviewed a study as well as tested it in his own practice. Here is what the court document had to say in regard to Dr. Popper:

charles‘Dr. Charles Popper, a psychiatrist at Harvard University, who also teaches psychiatry to other psychiatrists, testified that…if the micronutrient treatment  became unavailable, symptoms associated with depression and bi-polar disorder…would return.’

‘Dr. Popper has most impressive qualifications. Although he was initially extremely skeptical with regards to the micronutrient treatment, by the time of trial approximately 100 to 150 of his patients were using the micronutrient treatment… In addition to his patients, Dr. Popper testified to having consulted on 300 to 500 additional patients on the micronutrient treatment.’

The end of the story is a great one for this ” little nutritional company that could”. The court ruled in their favor and in fact ruled that they could not STOP making and having available this micronutrient therapy that has been proven so successful for several mental health issues.

Kudo’s to Tony Stephan the founder and original formulator of the micronutrient formula Q96 that received so much attention,  for NEVER giving up! Just so you know, it cost him nearly .5 million dollars, but he persevered and HE won! This is an unprecedented case for the industry. One to rejoice in! Tony Stephan has carried the torch and spread the message of hope for nearly 20 years.  The timing for you couldn’t be more perfect for more people like us step up to the plate and help him share the good news of  Q96 EMPowerplus Mood Optimizer. The playing field is now wide open! Will you be someone that we could count on to share Q96 with someone you know needs the help?

Again, to receive so many scientific studies, tens of thousands of clients/case studies with positive results and a COURT ruling! This is unheard of. If you’re like me, you know how special this really is. Won’t you join me in spreading this GREAT news? Or at least pass this on to a skeptical friend or medical professional you may know. You won’t be sorry you did. You may never know the life you may change or save just with a little supplement called Q96 Mood Optimizer!

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