True FDA WARNS Acne Fighting Drug Accutane Is Linked To Suicide, Depression, Agression and Violent Behavior

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Accutane-SuicideWe have all heard that Psychotropic drugs have serious side effects, including suicide, depression, aggression and worst of all homicidal tendencies. But could it be true that a drug for treating acne could render the same serious side effects. Apparently SO!


Acne: The nemesis of most teenagers and many adults. From what I have learned the most common cause  of acne seems to stem from hormonal imbalances, systemic infections and/or the effects of toxic stress.  But forget all that…. who doesn’t just want to quickly get rid of the ZITS?! Hence, many will seek a drug to fix the problem. Or does it?

The acne fighting drug called Accutane first hit the market in 1982. Whitney Taylor from the Accutane Lawsuit Center has this to say:

Shortly after Accutane hit the market, reports of psychiatric symptoms associated with the drug began to surface. Between 1982 and 2004, the FDA received more than 5,000 reports of psychological side effects linked to the medicine. Of that number, at least 200 suicides were included in the report.

Hoffman-La Roche included a warning on the Accutane label in 1998 that alerted users to the possibility of suicide attempts while taking the drug, after receiving its own reports of suicide ideation, attempts and actual suicides.

The FDA now lists Accutane as one of the top ten drugs linked to depression and suicide attempts. Accutane is the only medication on the list that is not classified as a non-antipsychotic. In 2000, the agency mandated that the drug carry a warning label pertaining to depression, as well as suicidal thoughts and attempts.

In 2002, the label was updated once again to include aggression and violent behavior as potential side effects of the drug. Some who have experienced these potentially life-threatening effects have retained an Accutane lawyer to weigh their legal options.

Accutane side effects revealed in studies

There have been numerous studies that examined the use of Accutane in relation to depression and suicide. While some of the studies have shown a link between the drug and psychological side effects, other studies have not proven conclusive.

Regardless of the conflicting reports and studies…. the bottom line is the FDA has clearly received ENOUGH complaints to warrant a mandated  WARNING label be issued and updated accordingly.

I say ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Warning label or not. The risk is just too high to take this type of drug for ACNE. Wouldn’t you agree?

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