Q-Stories: Jean experiences relief from ADHD, SAD, Insomnia, Migraines and more with micronutrition found in Q96

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Jean experiences relief from ADHD, SDD (seasonal Depression Disorder), Insomnia, Migraines & Mood Swings.
Before taking Q96, I was very miserable during the winter months from September to April, as the days got shorter I notice that I never wanted to do anything and was always depressed.I always got migraines when I was in the house and it would start in the evening at the front of my head just at eye level before I went to bed and by morning it would be a full blown migraine.

Those migraine where unbearable and I could not tolerate anything even the sound of my wife and child talking to me made me miserable and cranky.

I do not know how my wife and son put up with me because I was always in a bad mood and not great company. I also had insomnia and had trouble sleeping a full night and it has been that way since I was in my mid teens.

As a teenager I also enjoyed going to bed and sleep and I was able to manipulate my dreams, it was my happy place. When I turned 18 I no longer was able to dream that way and I have lost that happy place to go to when I slept.

I also have a problem focusing while working on a project, I would start something and never finish it and would start another project even thought the other one was not finished and by the time I got back to the first project I would have ten things going at once.I would never seem to get everything done.

I would do things without thinking it thru and not think of the impact of what I have done till after it was done and it was too late by then, the damage was done. I guess that is what they call ADHD/ADD.

q96sampleIn December of 2012 I was introduced to Q96 by Dennis Smith, I asked Dennis what it was and he said that it was a Micronutrient that helps people with Mood disorders so I ordered a bottle to try.

When I received the bottle I started taking it right away and by the second day I started noticing a difference right away. That second evening I went to bed I didn’t have my usual head ache that I got before, I felt relaxed and feel asleep within a minute.

The next morning I woke up and was surprised that my childhood sleep patterns came back. I was ecstatic that I was able to dream the same way I did when I was a teenager. And the day got better, I could think clearly, no more brain fog, I was happy and no migraine. That day I got all my projects done with ease and everything was easy.

I got my life back and nothing bothered me anymore, if something went wrong during the day, it did not bother like it did before and I was always in a good mood. It has been 10 weeks now that I have been on Q96 and 3 week on the Qssential and I feel great.

I have not had a migraine or SDD, ADHD & Mood Swing since and I feel great. My whole family is on Q96 now and our family life is back to normal now. Thank You Tony Stephan for creating such a wonderful gift, the gift of Q96. Q96 has given me my life back and thank you to Dennis Smith for introducing me to the Q.

Jean Pasche, Manitoba, Canada Feb. 28, 2013


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