Q Stories: The night my 6 yr old son said “Mom…My brain just isn’t working right.”

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The night before last, I was lying beside my young son before he nodded off to sleep. He was still sniffling and trying not to cry. He had done something he was asked not to do  and was told if he did it again, he would reap the consequences.  Normally he accepts responsibility and moves on.

This time was different however. He seemed more sad and confused that usual. When I asked him why he did what he did,  he said, “Because I forgot. I forget a lot of stuff mom. It’s like my brain just isn’t working right.”  He then asked me to remind him NOT to do it the  following night, because he REALLY didn’t want to get in trouble again. Immediately, I knew exactly how he felt. I have been in that place thousands of times in my life.

I tried to comfort him and let him know everyone  makes mistakes and forgets things now and then. But he insisted that he felt like his brain wasn’t working right and named off numerous things he has been struggling to remember to do or not do lately. He even said he was having a hard time remembering things from last year as well which is quite unusal for him.

q96bWell, knowing what I know about the brain, brain health, nutrition, and micronutrients for brain health, I knew exactly what I was going to do the next morning. After breakfast, with his normal vitamin regimen, I gave him a spoonful of honey with one Q96 capsule I emptied out into the honey. Of course he balked and complained about the taste a little but he got it down.

That afternoon and evening seemed ordinary and I didn’t think much more about it. The next morning as I was getting his vites ready he said he didn’t need another dose, of course I chalked that up to him not liking the taste. But he went on to tell me that he felt like his brain was working good now. He even finished his breakfast 10 minutes ahead of schedule and trotted off to his room to get ready for school.

Since it was picture day at school,  I checked up on him about 10 minutes in to it all thinking he might need a little help with extra buttons on his shirt or getting his belt through all the  loops.  And  I thought, as usual I would probably find him half dressed, sitting playing with legos or blocks or cars or coloring. But not this day. He was fully dressed and was adjusting his tie. A tie? I said. ~ Yep! How do I look? ~  Awesome!  I’m so proud of you! Did you brush your teeth? ~ Yep. Now all I need is help with my hair. ~ Ok, let’s do it, I said. ~ Then he asked, How much free time do I have? ~ 10 minutes, I said. ~ Ok. I’m gonna go downstairs.  At 9 and a half minutes he said, Has it been ten minutes yet? ~ Yep. Come on up. ~ Okay Mom.   Okay Mom? I thought to myself. That was easy. And right up he came, put on his coat, gloves and backpack and out the door he went.

Now, this might not sound very dramatic, and compared to many it’s not. But to him and to me, it was solid PROOF that Q 96 helps our brains and bodies function better. And when that happens, we think better. And when we think better, we act better. As I have said before, micronutrients don’t change who we are, they reveal who we are.  I know I am a little, ok alot biased when it comes to my children, but I have to say my son is a very loving and typically happy little guy. But like other kids he can get distracted, not listen, be difficult, etc. But the good news is, a lot of that type of behavior is due to brain malnutrtion. We  easily solved his problem with a simple yet ingenious micronutrient blend that is specifically designed to nourish the brain and body. Now, thank God,  he never has to say….”Mom, my brain just isn’t working right.”

Do you know anyone, young or old, that might feel like their “brain just isn’t working right?” May I suggest you share this story with them.  The micronutrient blend in the Q 96 has changed the lives of tens of thousands of people over the past 17 years, including myself, my husband and now my children. And I should add that the use of micronutrients overall  has been around for decades and  is to deemed safe for all. And I can tell you, I would not suggest it if I hadn’t used it with my own children.

If you want to know more or have questions please give me a call at (888) 888-9802 ext 24009 #

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