Is Depression A Mental Illness?

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princ_rm_pet_scan_of_depressed_brainDo you suffer from depression? Are you close to someone who suffers from depression? Do you try to hide this fact from the rest of the world?

Did you know that most cases of diagnosable depression is caused by stress which cause nutrient deficiencies in the brain and central nervous system?

According to medical standards, depression is a considered a mental illness. I don’t know about you, but I hate that term: MENTAL illness. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember what controls our thoughts, desires, actions, moods, etc: IT’S the BRAIN. Our physical body becomes ill, gets diseased, sustains injury so why not our brain?

Mental illness is a term that in many people’s minds is linked to the old asylum days and people being crazy and unpredictable and violent. If someone’s depressed or anxious and they’re being labelled mentally ill, it is stigmatizing and it puts a lot of people off getting help.

Explaining to the wider public, and particularly to the tabloid press that depression is an illness was a big step forward in that it helped challenge the “pull yourself together” attitudes of the majority. However, by assigning people the life-long label “mental illness” in a climate that stigmatizes and discriminates can do more harm than good.



We all need to understand that, just like any other aliment in the human body, a mental illness too is curable.
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