How Sleep Detoxifies The Brain

Posted by Mellisa on February 1, 2017 in Brain Health, Research |

Although we don’t know exactly how or why,  there is no question that sleep is crucial for our overall health. Most of us just don’t realize how crucial and healing sleep really is for the brain. Sleep is truly one of the best ways for the brain to detoxify.

How To Protect Your Cyber Privacy And Identity

Posted by Mellisa on April 13, 2015 in Research, Stress |

Cyber Attacks and Identity Theft are rampant. Not only for us peeps but for major corporations as well. This type of situation can cause a tremendous amount of stress. Sometimes the best way to decrease stress is to prevent some of the problems that might cause it in the first place. Here  are 4 tips […]


5 Ways To Recognize An Unhealthy Panic Disorder

Posted by Mellisa on July 1, 2014 in Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Research, Stress |

Panic disorder is one of several anxiety disorders that involve an intense, abrupt and oftentimes debilitating period of discomfort and fear. Panic disorders affect millions of men and women of all ages, and can be triggered by several situations or circumstances, real or imagined. Gerald Klerman of the World Psychiatric Association and author of the […]

From A to Z – 26 Easy ways to improve your health

If you are trying to get healthier, then you know how overwhelming all the information from all of the experts can be. Do this… Don’t do that. Blah Blah Blah.  What if it was as easy as A-B-C?  Like…. Avoid processed foods Breakfast Colorful Foods….. and so on. Here is the rest of the great […]

Aggressive Prostate Cancer Can Be Caused by Vitamin D Deficiency.

Posted by Mellisa on May 13, 2014 in Nutrient Therapy, Nutrition, Research |

Every day I speak with someone that wants to argue that nutrients (Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and many other supplements) are useless, unnecessary, expensive, blah blah blah… and yet Doctors and Scientists find evidence on a rather regular basis that many conditions, ailments and diseases form and take over when the body lacks all of […]


How to Conquer High Anxiety

Posted by Mellisa on March 13, 2014 in Anxiety, Brain Health, Mental Health, Research |

Some 40 million Americans regularly suffer from troubling levels of anxiety. Find out what triggers these episodes, how our bodies respond, and how you can remain calmer in the face of whatever life throws your way.   “Because we humans have prefrontal lobes, we can anticipate the future and make up a scenario that is […]

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Study shows children with Austistic Spectrum Disorder are also deficient in 2 specific nutrients

Posted by Mellisa on October 28, 2013 in Autism, Mental Health, Nutrient Therapy, Nutrition, Research |

Studies that show a direct link between nutrition/nutrients and mental health have always fascinated me.  In this case it is with Autism/Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Here is one that was done on some Omani children. It was a hospital-based case–control study conducted in 80  children (40 children with ASDs versus 40 controls)   Results The ASD […]

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Q-News: Science can prove micronutrients really do help with cases of ADHD

Posted by Mellisa on March 7, 2013 in ADD/ADHD, Medications, Mental Health, Nutrient Therapy, Nutrition, Research |

Researchers in Puerto Rico and the United States recently published a paper in Functional Foods in Health and Disease on the influence diet has on people with ADHD – attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. The researchers tested 116 patients (ranging in age from 2–25 years old) who had a diagnosis of ADHD. They followed them from 3 months–3 years, comparing the distribution of fatty […]

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Q-Stories: Why young Albert no longer suffers from ADHD

Here’s Albert’s story – told by his parents. We would like you to know how Q96/EMPowerplus has helped our son Albert. We as parents noticed signs early (pre K) that our son had attention span problems. He was professionally diagnosed with ADHD before the start of first grade (year 2001). It was “highly suggested” that […]

Mood Disorder Radio? You betcha

It is an honor to present William Sickert, BSc. JD CNC as he discusses recent advances in natural alternatives to mood disorders. Livin’ Life eXponentially!

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