5 Mistakes Made When Diagnosing ADHD by Dr. Mary Ann Block

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Dr. Mary Ann Block runs a drug free alternative health and wellness clinic in Texas. Perhaps you have seen her on various health programs on TV like The Doctors.

She specializes in treating disorders like depression, anxiety, adhd and more through her comprehensive programs that treat the underlying medical problems and not just the symptoms.

I thought you might be interested in her take on diagnosing ADHD.


5 Mistakes Made When Diagnosing ADHD by Dr. Mary Ann Block

  1. Allowing the teacher to pressure you into medicating your child
  2. Allowing the doctor to give your child a diagnosis of ADHD without a physical exam
  3. Allowing the doctor to give your child a diagnosis of ADHD without doing lab tests
  4. Allowing the doctor to give your child a diagnosis of ADHD without doing allergy testing
  5. Giving your child an ADHD medication without knowing the potential side effects

How to Avoid The Mistakes

  • Do not allow the school to “test” your child for ADHD. ADHD is a subjective diagnosis with no objective means to make the diagnosis. The school does not have the means to do a medical exam on your child but they can do an educational evaluation. The school should do an educational evaluation but you can restrict them to educational only, no psychiatric evaluation.
  • There are many underlying medical causes for ADHD symptoms. If the doctor does not perform a thorough physical exam he could miss conditions such as hypo or hyperthyroidism.
  • Again, because there are many medical causes for ADHD symptoms, such as anemia, thyroid problems, nutritional deficiencies, it is important for the doctor to do lab tests to evaluate for these.
  • Allergies can cause the symptoms we call ADHD. Allergies must be tested for to be sure that is not the cause. According to The Annals of Allergy medical journal, “Kids with allergies perform less successful in school, across the board.”
  • No one should ever take any medication without knowing the potential side effects. Most ADHD drugs are controlled substances in the same category as cocaine. It is easy to learn about the side effects. The information is online or you can ask the pharmacist for the drug insert. We don’t know ahead of time who will have the side effects and who will not so taking a drug without knowing what can happen is a little like playing “Russian Roulette”. You don’t want to play that game with your child!

Has your child been diagnosed ADHD without a thorough medical and educational evaluation? Most of the time when families come to The Block Center for help with their child’s ADHD symptoms, the child has already been diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed medication. Unfortunately, rarely has the child undergone a complete medical and educational evaluation. Think about it. When you take your car into be repaired, don’t you expect them to do a thorough evaluation of your car before they tell you what is wrong with it and what they will charge you to fix it?

Shouldn’t we expect at least that much from our doctors? Too often today, Doctors spend just a short amount of time with their patients, listening to their major complaint and prescribing a drug.


Dr. Mary Ann Block



Never stop an ADHD drug abruptly. They should always be removed slowly and under a doctor’s supervision.



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